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Sunday, December 14th 2008, 3:15pm

Stowa Stammtisch in Singapur

It's rainy season in Singapore. It was wet, sky was dark this morning

Picture from my apartment

My son told me," time to go Dad" with PAM 112 on his wrist.

Indeed I was a bit late, as our GTG started at 11.30AM. But no problem to reach the Paulaner restaurant on time. The streets

were quite empty this Sunday morning.

When we reached there, the weather had improved. Still raining, but the dark clouds moved away.

Picture inside the restaurant, they brew the traditional German beer inhouse. This is the tank for brewing the beer. Joerg

promised to pay for our first beer. And this is tank that we were going to empty as our first beer. Heavy bill on the way to you Mr. Schauer :)

It's a brunch buffet, foods are ready and table was set for us

Well, soon one by one appeared and the first thing we did was to take the group picture. From left to right: Dietmar, Zenny,

Erik_H, CKH2359, Hary and sk001

See, how watches can make people smile

And here is the group photo of our watches

Close-up of our treasures:

Stowa MO LE

Stowa MO serial, polished

"Lost MO brothers" met again in Singapore

Stowa FO LE

Someone must have admired my Stowa Antea so much until I forgot to take it back for close-up picture :)

Ok, let's move to non Stowa watches

Beautiful pocket watches from Erik_H, stunning dials and movements despite the age of those Hamilton

Another Hamilton, this time a modern one

German gang:

Laco WUS

Archimede Pilot Original

Stunning Damasko DC 56

Sinn 856S UTC

Sturdy and heavy Temption

Our expert explained the casing quality

Well, after 3 hours of eating and chatting, the restaurant politely asked us to go as they were going to close.

Not enough of watches, small group of us moved to see more watches at two famous ADs in Singapore.

And discussing what's the next purchase :)

Thanks a lot guys for coming. I enjoyed it very much and hopefully you all too. We had a lot of fun and we agreed to have

regular GTG. Hope you enjoy this report too



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Sunday, December 14th 2008, 10:19pm

Danke für die Einblicke "über den Tellerrand"!
Gruß Gero


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Monday, December 15th 2008, 9:19am

@ Harry

Welcome in our forum and have a time in here.

Very nice pictures.

...whats your next purchase? ;)
bis später... ICEMAN

...bekennende Poliertuchmuschi... :o:



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Monday, December 15th 2008, 10:19am

Hello Harry,
nice story and nice watches!!!

Thank you, i have enjoy it!!
Gruß aus dem Rheinland